SYNERGY has performed for groups of 50 to 15,000, from Bermuda to Hong Kong and Washington D.C. to Belize. Companies like American Express, Bandag, TAP Pharmaceutical, Merck Pharmaceutical, Pitney Bowes and many other fine companies have asked SYNERGY back again and again to perform around the world.


“Without a doubt, SYNERGY is the finest entertainment available for our
final night party.”….Michael Flagg for TAP Pharmaceutical (Orlando)

“SYNERGY was the hit of the Decathlon program in Maui. Our attendees
from 35 countries all raved about your performance.”….Ann Lonergan

“SYNERGY did an awesome job for our client, Merck, in New Orleans.”
….Mark Felix

“I cannot say enough about how great a job you did as Musical Director on
the day show and then again with SYNERGY in the evening program.”
....Fred Ashman for NCR (Atlantis Casino, Bahamas)

“Bandag has treated its dealers to all kinds of premium entertainment
through the years-from the Dixie Chicks to Barry Manilow, from Chubby
Checker to Alabama. However, without doubt the most talked about
entertainment we have ever provided have been the shows produced by
Dick Whitbeck and SYNERGY.”....Bill Block - Bandag (Kaua’i)

“I have never been to a function where the entire group was dancing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
This night was better than any New Year’s Eve bash I have ever attended.”....Kellie Lewis – Motorola (Maui)