Mike Dripps




Keyboardist Michael Dripps began his musical life at age 6 learning piano. Of all his siblings who took piano lessons, it was Michael who was constantly being asked to stop playing at 10 p.m. One day synthesizers entered into the picture and a whole new interest in music technology ensued. Michael went on to Berklee College of Music where he received degrees in Music Synthesis and Jazz Composition.

The last 25 years have been filled with various music technology projects, ranging from hymnal engraving for the Welsh North American Association, music production for Disney's "Buddies" series of talking dog movies, to working 24 years for MakeMusic on the SmartMusic practice system. Michael's participation in production and design for SmartMusic resulted in receiving a patent, US 8,697,972. Yes, we can officially call him an inventor!

Michael has been performing with Synergy since 1998 and takes particular pride in the faithful reproduction of sounds on all the pop tunes we play, especially techno tunes like Lady Gaga! He hopes you enjoy them!